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Roses Are Red, My Love

The video at right highlights my very first attempt at a mini-documentary of sorts. While I've experiment with video work in the past, I had never before undertaken a project of this scale. The goal: a twenty-minute film to be used as a gift to my grandparents on their 50th wedding anniversary, highlighting the story of their marriage. While it may not win me an Academy Award any time soon, it is extremely dear to me simply for it's role as my first feature film, for the blood, sweat and tears that I have put into it, and for the emotional value it holds to those dearest to me. Please enjoy.


The video at right highlights my very first attempt at a travel video, documenting a group excursion into the Sahara Desert during my semester of study on St. Olaf's Term in the Middle East. The video was compiled after-the-fact, from video and photos not otherwise planned to be used in this format.


Filmed on an iPhone at the last minute, the video at right is a visual reflection on vocation developed at the end of a retreat on the subject in Kep, Cambodia. I led the scriptwriting and filming, and edited the film quickly under a tight deadline  for publication by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America on its social media feeds.

Reflections on Vocation

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